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When a contractor or business partner fails to perform according to the terms of a contract, they not only disrupt business operations - they threaten the financial health of your company.

At Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C., our attorneys resolve breach of contract claims and handle commercial litigation on behalf of business clients throughout northeastern New Jersey. Whether you need us to write a demand letter, pursue mediation, or initiate a lawsuit - we stand ready to aggressively protect your interests and your business's bottom line as well.

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Our commercial litigation practice includes:

In Your Defense...

If an individual or another business has filed a lawsuit against you or your company - how and when you initially respond to that claim can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the dispute.

Our lawyers defend clients against accusations of business misconduct and breaches of contract. We meticulously review the terms in question and review all correspondence or communications between the parties involved. In the vast majority of cases, we enter into mediation or arbitration in order to save our clients time and money. That said - we are by all means ready to vigorously protect your interests in court whenever the need arises.

Our Long-Term Consulting Services Can Help You Avoid Litigation in the Future

Like the law itself, businesses change over time. At Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C., we provide on-going legal advice to meet the unique needs of each client's situation, and that addresses the real and anticipated legal issues clients face, as they develop.

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