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The Law Offices of Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C.

Over 35 Years of Service to the People and Communities of Northeastern New Jersey

One of the largest firms in this area outside of Newark, we take pride in the fact that our lawyers are able to meet the diverse, general practice needs of our communities while still offering clients the experience, legal knowledge and proven ability to obtain desired results.

For the hands-on, client-dedicated service you deserve - contact Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C. today.

An Array of Exceptional Resources

No attorney or law firm can do everything without help.

And although our firm does offer some unique areas of experience, knowledge and capabilities with regard to the Lemon law, elder law, zoning and planning, and workers' compensation - we also recognize our limitations and seek appropriate help to strengthen our cases, enhance presentations before the court, and provide depth of knowledge wherever necessary.

Some of the resources our attorneys use include:

  • Car accident reconstruction specialists
  • Medical experts
  • Professional investigators
  • Economic impact analysts
  • Multi-media courtroom presentations
  • Computer-animated accident recreations
  • Certified estate planners
  • Certified Public Accountants

A Reputation for Excellence
In our over thirty years of practice, we've received countless referrals from new and returning clients. We believe that earning the trust of our clients and a commitment to excellence are the best form of advertising. It worked for us back in 1972 and it still works for us today.

A Focus on the Client

Whether you've suffered a serious personal injury as the result of a car accident, or own a small business and have suddenly found yourself faced with the prospect of construction litigation, the legal system's impersonal nature and complicated structure can be intimidating.

At Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C., we do not believe the attorney-client relationship is simply a business transaction. In fact, we believe that because clients often entrust us with some of the most intimate and important details of their personal and financial lives, we should treat them in the same way we would want our own family members to be treated. It is simply a matter of respect.

Our uncompromising commitment to personalized service also demands that we take the time and make the time to get to know our clients, to understand how they have been or will be impacted by the legal issue that's brought them to see us, and to invest ourselves personally in working to achieve the results they need. We emphasize one-to-one attorney-client interaction and honest, open communication that keeps clients informed and involved at all stages of your case.

Free Consultations in Personal Injury / Workers' Comp Cases - 973-759-2807

Our attorneys have been making the law work for people, families and businesses in northeastern New Jersey for more than 35 years.

Make the law work for you.

Call our West Orange office today or contact us online to learn more about your rights. Free consultations in personal injury and workers' compensation cases.

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