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Lemon laws are meant to protect car buyers from defective cars and other vehicles sold by licensed dealers. Unfortunately, the Lemon Law itself will do nothing to protect you if you do not take steps to protect yourself.

At Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C., we offer clients throughout northeastern New Jersey a comprehensive knowledge of Lemon laws and the steps that automobile purchasers must follow to keep bad situations from becoming worse.

If the car you purchased seems plagued by chronic problems - contact us and make an appointment to speak with attorney Joseph A. DeFuria about the Lemon Law and learn more about your rights against car manufacturers.

Arbitration is mandatory in Lemon Law cases. Our attorneys develop cases with that forum in mind and work to gather an abundance of evidence and facts so that we can submit a clear and compelling case to the arbitrator when the time comes.

Taking Prompt and Appropriate Action is Critical

As an attorney, Mr. DeFuria has an uncommon amount of experience with Lemon Law cases and a detailed knowledge of the state and federal laws in this area. As a result, we understand the triggering mechanisms behind these laws and how to follow the proper and very specific procedures required to build, file and prevail on these claims.

By involving our firm as early as possible, we can make sure the proper diagnostic tests are run, that mechanics' findings are sufficiently documented, and that if any parts do need to be changed, they are preserved in their existing condition for later inspection and analysis.

Without these efforts, substantiating your claim and convincing the arbitrator to award damages will be a difficult proposition at best.

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Don't get taken twice - get the information and legal representation you need to hold dishonest dealers accountable for their actions. Make the law work for you.

Call our West Orange offices today or contact us online to learn more about the Lemon Law and your rights against car manufacturers.

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