Special Education and School Law

The ABC's of School Law

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Determining "what's best" for your child's education sometimes involves questioning or challenging school boards and administrators.

At Gaccione & Pomaco, P.C., we've cultivated an in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of what schools can and cannot do, as well as the tactics they employ when challenged by parents. If you feel as though your rights as a parent or your child's rights have not been respected - assert them and make your voice heard by calling 973-759-2807 or contacting us online today to discuss your children's right to have a safe environment for their education.

Representation for Parents, Students and School Boards Alike

As a firm, we represent students and parents in claims against schools, administrators, districts and others in the education field. Our attorneys also provide legal advice to various school boards in northeastern New Jersey on an ongoing basis. Some of the specific special education and school law issues we're familiar with include:

  • Student searches
  • Free speech issues
  • Transfers to other schools
  • Expulsions, suspensions and other disciplinary actions
  • Residency disputes
  • Special education and anti-discrimination laws
  • Individualized education plans (IEP's)
  • Privacy rights

Special Education

If your child is emotionally, physically, or mentally handicapped, he or she has certain rights and protections schools cannot infringe upon. Of these, the most important is the one that requires schools to make "reasonable accommodations" for students with disabilities. Our lawyers have helped countless clients compel schools to comply with these laws to make sure that all children are allowed to learn in the least restrictive environment possible - yours included.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorneys

We bring a unique perspective to school law. As advisors to numerous school boards, our attorneys understand issues from both sides of the aisle and are prepared for the kind of maneuvering and legal tactics school boards use trying to avoid complying with parent and student requests.

Call 866-779-3684 to Protect Your Child's Educational Rights

Whether it's a request to transfer to avoid a specific teacher or simply questioning your child's assigned IEP goals - we know what the law says and what school boards can and cannot do. Call our West Orange offices today or contact us online to make the law work for you.

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